Pupil Parliament

At Park Academy we aim to create lifelong learners and leaders. We provide pupils with opportunities to develop leadership, communication, organisational and decision making skills. We do this by giving our pupils a voice and encouraging their involvement in key decisions at our academy.   

Park Academy's Pupil Parliament benefits the whole academy, it enables pupils with the opportunity to become a greater part of school and feel empowered that their voices are heard. It builds a collaboration between pupils and teachers. The Pupil Parliament is made up of different ministerial roles which have been chosen by the pupils in areas of school improvement they feel are important to them. Children share new ideas, initiatives and discuss matters that may arise and share the outcomes with the staff, their peers and the Senior Leadership Team. Our Pupil Parliament are an aspiration, they show passion and are committed to improving our academy. They strive for excellence in promoting our fundamental academy values (PUPAC) as well as our British Values.